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Perched on the side of Huntsbury Hill, this small west-facing crag is visible from the Summit Road as one drives east from Sugarloaf


The climbs are clustered together on the highest and cleanest part of the crag. The rock is trachyte and is mostly solid, with excellent friction, but is a bit dirty in places because of the small number of ascents. Most routes use a mix of bolts and natural pro. The climbs are about 8-15 metres long. There are six anchor stations at the top - four of them use double bolts and chains, but two combine a single chain with a convenient hex or cd placement. A mid-sized CD is useful on many routes.

The crag is free of the elitism found elsewhere in that even the easy routes are well protected, with bolts where necessary. With grades ranging from 11 to 23 there's something for everyone, but not many routes at any particular grade.

Some of the climbs are being modernised with more fixed protection. NOTE: The four climbs between 'Edna' and 'Broken Turbine' have been destroyed by the earthquakes.

Access: Access The crag is on the west side of Huntsbury Spur, just below the airfield. From town go up Parklands Drive or Ramahama Road to Huntsbury Ave and up to the end of the road. Walk or drive up the track to the airfield, where the track swings east to head towards the Summit Road. Head west from the spur and the crag should be immediately seen to the right. Alternatively you can descend from the Summit Road, or walk or bike up the Bowenvale Track. The whole area is owned by the City Council, so access is not a problem. Please DO NOT climb on the area between Thermaling Hawks and Killing Moon. They have already been climbed, and the vegetation is being rehabilitated.

Attribution: Information by Lindsay Main, Previously hosted on website by John Davis

After The Goldrush
Grade 17
a prominent jam crack on the left edge of the cliff. The rock is better than it looks. Lindsay Main, Feb '97
Everyone Should Have a Hobby
Grade 0

Grade 14
arete with one bolt on the right, crack on the left for pro as well. Good photo op. Adrien McLeod, Feb '97
Grade 19
to the right of the arete, takes a broken line with a small roof near the top (crux). Natural pro, some of which is good. Double ropes recommended. Joe Arts, Feb '97
Pack It In
Grade 12
on the left edge of the next wall. Shares a bolt with the next route. Finish all the way to the top of the cliff or wander off. A CD can be used in the crack to the right to protect the exit. Joe Arts, Feb '97
Grade 15
8m Takes a weakness in the centre of the wall, just right of the bolt (there's also a variation which goes straight up past the bolt). Good moves with natural pro in the crack. Two ropes useful. Double chain at the top.
Lazy Days of Summer
Grade 16
8m a metre to the right, with one bolt and natural pro. Good if committing moves above the bolt. Move left to the anchor chains.
Thermalling Hawks
Grade 17
8m one bolt, natural pro (wires plus #2 friend) up to two bolt chains.
Killing Moon
Grade 23
13m The slab climb moves onto a steep headwall with a groove to assist topping out.
The Price of Progress
Grade 17
12m Just right of the grassy descent gully there's a steep left-leaning ramp with an overhanging right wall. Clip the bolt and make the move up left. Continue rightward to anchor.
Dry Bush Road
Grade 17
12m The left side of the brown groove. A steep groove and crack with 4 bolts (the top one is shared with TOTTL). Exit up the crack slightly to the right.
Coronation Hospital
Grade 21
12m The brown groove with 4 bolts featuring steep bridging. You can step right after clipping the 4th bolt, or make it harder by finishing directly.
Albatross Arms
Grade 21
12m An overhanging left-leaning groove with one bolt and natural pro above. Power move past the bolt, then it's cruisy.
MacRae's Mining
Grade 19
4 Bolt
Start a metre left of a small shrub about three metres up the wall. Thought-provoking moves past the bolts, CD at the top. A bit dirty at present but it will clean up nicely.
The Go-between
Grade 22
12m start below the shrun and clip the first bolt on MM. Up the crack (natural pro) and onto the arete, exiting right. Awkward and rather crumbly, two ropes are useful
Grade 18
12m Technical moves on a steep wall past two bolts. From the ledge clip a third bolt on the top wall, move up, and step left to anchor chains.
Edna Variation
Grade 18
A metre right with one bolt on the lower wall. Use the edge at right to assist upward movement. Then clip the bolt on the top wall and move up on the right to anchor chains. Adrienne McLeod, Oct '96
Huntsbury Ave
Grade 20
12m A couple of metres right is an obvious crack with a gnarly-looking block sticking out. Shove a CD in against this and charge up the crack. Exit through the quake scar
The Dominion Workers' Party
Grade 12
12m Goes up the quake scar on the low angle rock.
Southpower Direct
Grade 20
the arete to the right. The first ascent used the crack to the right for pro, along with the bolt to the right for the last moves. Alternately, you can now clip the bolts on the left. Joe Arts, Nov '96
Road Access
Grade 13
the easy corner and crack. Natural pro along with a bolt. Exit left or straight up. Joe Arts, Nov '96
Broken Turbine
Grade 15
tow metres right is this small wall with a reachy move past a bolt. Up over the scrub to a double chain anchor. Joe Arts, Feb '97
Grade 16
ten metres right is a small wall with two bolts. Good climbing on positive holds to a single bolt chain beside a CD placement. Joe Arts, Feb '97